Monday, January 17, 2011

Matt Duffus

The man. The myth. The legend.

I said I was going to put you on my list of 100 people, and here is one better.

Matt is the reason I survived a month in Penrith. Without him, I would have flown home long ago. He's inspired me to learn a second language, he's added more fuel than I could have imagined to my Cotton On addiction, and I honestly think that we've laughed together so many times that my laugh is starting to sound more and more like his. He gave up his room for 3 weeks straight to let me trash with clothes and spend an unhealthy amount of time sleeping. He dragged me out of the house to meet new people and do new things, when all I wanted to do was stay home and watch some movies. He's the reason I've come to actually enjoy watching Glee, which is something I never thought I would say. He kisses girls like nobodys business, and I envy him for that. He makes the best out of any situation he's put in, and I completely understand why he's beloved all over Australia. I hope one day he can make it out to my neck of the woods and I can show him an equally amazing time. I owe him.

Love you, Matt  =)


  1. Robert, thank you for writing this.

    Matt, thank you for taking care of my brother. If you ever come to the States, I will bake you something. Anything you want. I knew I had to go home when I did, but I was worried about leaving Robert. But now I know that I left him in good hands. I'm so glad you two have had a good time.

    Matt, by helping out my brother, I think you've made it on my list, too. If I ever make another one, you'll be on it.

    See you soon, brother.


  2. matt, mama weeks here. you are welcome here anytime you make it to the states! robert doesn't write stuff like that about just anyone, haha. you must be awesome :)